Dearest Body of Mine...

Dear Body,

For the days I mistreated you, I starved you, I over worked you I am sorry. You’ve carried this girl through some of the most life altering moments only to be hated and mistreated.

To the body that grew another human for 9 months, to feed that human for 15 months, to heal yourself while being hated for what you couldn’t quite do. I am sorry.

To the teenage years where pieces of you were never perfect in my eyes. To the bushy eyebrows with the big nose. To not being taller. For having big hands. The hatred for the small boobs and big butt, I am sorry.

Thank you for still being here, for waiting for me to fully and unapologetically love you. Thank you for the bushy eye brows because man they are in style now. Thank you for the stretch marks to remind me of how truly amazing I am and what we did. For every flaw I used to want to hide, I am so grateful for it all.

I am sorry for how many times I made you the reason we were heartbroken, unhappy, unfulfilled. When it truly wasn’t you at all, we were perfect all along and it’s society who isn’t.

From the big feet, to the big booty, to the stretch marks, to the muscles, the fat, the big nose, the big cheeks we get when we smile, to every laugh line, every time our fingers being just long enough to grab what other couldn’t, the small boobs, the hazel eyes, the crazy hair, I am so thankful for you.

I love you.♥️


The better version of us.

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